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Great churches are not built on the the gifts and talents of a few people, but on the sacrifices of many.  Each of our volunteers commit to serve on 1 volunteer team, at 1 worship gathering, 1 Sunday per month. Read on to learn more about each volunteer role. Then click the location you would like to volunteer at. 

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Volunteer Roles


The tech team arrives before the worship gathering and assists our tech staff in preparing the space for worship. This includes setting up the stage for the worship team, setting up video systems, assisting the audio engineer through sound check, and more. The tech team at the final worship gathering of the day also assists in clean up. These roles look different at each of our locations. This role includes some heavy lifting. Prior experience preferred, but not required!


The set up team arrives early to prepare the space for worship both physically and spiritually. By setting out chairs, tables, communion, bibles, and more, you have the opportunity to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for each person to encounter Jesus. Each item we set up has a distinct purpose to help people connect with God; the set up team is a vital part of setting the stage for people to experience the life-changing love of Jesus.


The Bible continually encourages us to get on our knees in prayer, and we seek to spiritually prepare the places we gather. The prayer team arrives early to cover our gatherings in prayer, both individually and as a team. They pray over the teaching team, worship team, the hearts of people who will be attending, for the Holy Spirit to move, against spiritual warfare, etc. We believe in the power of prayer, and the prayer team helps set the stage spiritually for God to move in mighty ways each Sunday.


We provide coffee not just as a service, but also as an aid in creating a welcoming and hospitable environment for our guests. The coffee team serves as our resident baristas and brews the coffee in the kitchen, but more importantly they help create a comfortable place in the lobby to grab a drink and chat with someone from our family. This team serves as an extension of the welcome team by greeting regulars and guests as they get their coffee and find their way around. Prior coffee experience is NOT required!


We like to make the analogy that we’re having a great big dinner party at Ethos, and we want to welcome people at the door just as you would at your own home. The welcome team’s role is to make regulars and guests feel welcome as they arrive, hang out in the lobby, find their seat, etc. This team helps people find their way in, answers basic questions, and creates a welcoming atmosphere.


Ethos Kids volunteers arrive early to create a welcoming, safe, and engaging environment for the kids. As kids arrive, this team interacts with parents and cares for the kids. Some Ethos Kids classes have curriculum, and the volunteers assist in the classroom. Some Ethos Kids volunteers will keep the babies and toddlers in the nurseries. You can also sign up to teach an Ethos Kids class for a term. (Cannery & Marathon locations only) To serve on this team, you must fill out a background check with Ethos. Click here to find out more, and to see where to fill out our background check. 


We want everyone, whether you grew up in church or it’s your first visit, to be able to worship with us — so it’s important to display the words to the songs we sing. The slides volunteer makes this happen by running the worship slides during the worship gathering. He or she arrives a few minutes early and receives instructions from our tech team about the order of worship, and after that it’s as easy as clicking a mouse and pressing an arrow key. No tech experience required — if you can operate a smartphone, you can do this role!


Ministry doesn’t end when church is over — we want the Gospel to keep being preached after we leave. An easy way to do this is to make sure the rented spaces we are in are cleaner than how we found them. The clean up team remains after the last worship gathering and helps clean up the worship space by putting up chairs, Bibles, banners, coffee stations, etc. This usually takes 30–45 minutes. 


Each week we take communion as a family to remember Jesus’ victory over sin and death through his sacrifice on the cross. We take it to commune with each other and with Jesus. The role of the Communion Volunteer is to bake fresh bread for one entire month of the year at the Cannery. You’ll bring it with you each Sunday morning before the 9AM worship gathering (between 8:30am and 8:45am) during your assigned month. Don’t worry if you feel like you are lacking in culinary skills. An easy to follow recipe will be provided for you. If you don’t have much margin in your schedule to serve on Sunday mornings, this role might be a good fit as you can work on your own time. If you want to volunteer for this role but you’re also looking to get more involved on Sundays, we recommend signing up for an additional Sunday volunteer team so that you can experience interacting with other volunteers.


Finding a seat in a full room after worship has already started can be intimidating. Having someone greet people and help find seats is a great way to show hospitality to our guests and family alike — it can also alleviate stress for someone on a Sunday morning. This team of ushers will arrive shortly before one of our morning worship gatherings at the Cannery and assist people who are looking for seats through the first few songs of worship. We’re looking for people who can be kind yet assertive in helping people get to where they need to go in a crowded room. This position will likely only serve for up to 30 minutes at the beginning of each morning gathering. If you’ve been looking for a way to volunteer but have limitations when it comes to time, this might be a great option for you.

To Volunteer with Ethos Kids

To volunteer with Ethos Kids, fill out this application and complete a background check by clicking both of the blue buttons below.

The Kids Volunteer Application gives the Kids Team a chance to get to know you before allowing you the chance to serve with children. The application asks for basic information as well as two references.

For the safety of our children at Ethos Kids, all Ethos Kids Volunteers must go through a mandatory background check. We are unable to accept background checks from other sources (i.e. your work, previous churches). If you have any questions, please contact .

Thank you for using your gifts and passions to serve with Ethos Kids.

Kids Volunteer Application   Fill Out a Background Check