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Great churches are not built on the gifts and talents of a few people, but on the sacrifices of many.  Each of our volunteers commit to serve on 1 volunteer team, at 1 worship gathering, 1 Sunday per month. (You can serve more than 1 Sunday a month if you'd like!) Read on to learn more about each volunteer role. Click the button below to get more connected in volunteering.

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Volunteer Roles


If you like tech equipment and you're a morning person...this might be the role for you! Our tech setup team will assist our tech director in setting up our A/V equipment for each Sunday gathering. This helps us get ready for our worship team to get started when they arrive, as well as prepares each tech element of our gatherings for the day. Previous A/V experience is recommended but not required. You'll receive training your first week with us on our systems and processes.


This team arrives to help us get the room set up before our first worship gathering. Some of the setup details are slightly different in this season — but overall, this team will be much the same as it has always been: setting up chairs, getting our lobby and parking lot ready, and generally making sure our entire space is ready by 9am. If you're a morning person and have a passion for details and behind the scenes work, this might be a great fit for you.


Pre-Worship Prayer Team (arrives at 8:00am): Each Sunday, we want our worship gatherings to be led from a place of prayer. We do this as a staff as we prepare sermons, worship, volunteers, Ethos kids, logistics, and more. We also want to create space for our people to join us in praying over each part of a Sunday worship gathering – to go before the Lord and prayerfully seek his presence as we worship and commune with one another. Each Sunday at Marathon from 8am to 9am, we will have a team of prayer warriors who will go before us in prayer on behalf of the church. This team will spend about an hour praying in communion with one another over each aspect of the worship gathering and for the hearts of our people as well as inviting the Lord to meet us before prayer walking the room. If you love prayer and want to help us create a spirit-filled and worshipful atmosphere, you can sign up for this team now.


This team will be responsible for overseeing the coffee process in two phases. The 9am team will arrive at 8:00am to make coffee, set up the coffee supply table, and be a friendly presence at the coffee table to welcome and restock supplies. The 11am team will restock supplies and make more coffee for the next gathering and hang out at the table again as people arrive for worship. In addition to this the 11am coffee team will stay approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the gathering to clean up the coffee equipment and clean up the supply table. No barista skills are necessary. We’ll give you all the training you need to be able to make some well above average church-quality coffee in just minutes.


Arrives before the Designated Worship Gathering

If you love talking to people and helping set a warm, welcoming environment — this is your gig. You'll be standing on the front porch or in the front lobby to greet and welcome each person as they arrive. If you're friendly, love being around people, and a good conversationalist, this one's for you.


Arrives before the Designated Worship Gathering

Ethos Kids volunteers arrive early to create a welcoming, safe, and engaging environment for the kids. As kids arrive, this team interacts with parents and cares for the kids. Some Ethos Kids classes have curriculum, and the volunteers assist in the classroom. Some Ethos Kids volunteers will keep the babies and toddlers in the nurseries. You can also sign up to teach a term in one of our kids classes. To serve on this team, you must fill out a background check with Ethos.


This volunteer role will be for the Marathon campus at our 9AM gathering. This team will arrive at 7:30am to help us get the Kids Space setup. You will partner with our Kids Team to assist in creating a safe and welcoming environment for children and families. If you're a morning person and have a passion for details and behind the scenes work, this will be a great fit.


Arrives before the Designated Worship Gathering

You know that awkward moment when everyone is trying to sing along but no one knows the words to the song? Well, you can make sure that never happens. One person at each gathering is needed to run slides. This important volunteer role helps display the lyrics to the songs we sing together and occasionally other slides during things like the teaching and announcements. Don't be intimidated though. No experience is needed, and you'll be taught everything you need to know from our tech director when you arrive for your first time.


This team is exactly what you're thinking it is. After getting through a Sunday's worth of gatherings, we're looking for a team of people who want to help us get everything cleaned up and torn down. In signing up for this team, you should expect to stay 30-45 minutes following the 11am gathering to get everything done. If you think setting up is tedious and boring and you'd rather tear it all down like a Tasmanian devil, bring it on!


This team will help our tech director tear down all A/V equipment at the end of each Sunday. In signing up for this team, you should expect to stay 45-60 minutes following the 11am gathering. Previous A/V experience is recommended but not required. You'll receive training your first week with us on our systems and processes.


Each volunteer who wishes to help do this will be given one month out of this year to bake communion bread for the entire month for the Cannery. You can either bring the bread with you in one large batch at the beginning of your month or fresh each week. This is a great volunteer role for those who want to help but may not be available on Sundays. You'll make the bread at home during the week and can bring it to our office or early Sunday morning during setup. A simple recipe and instructions to make our signature bread will be provided to you as well.