A Week of Prayer & Fasting
Sunday, October 25th through Saturday, October 31st

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The Purpose of Prayer and Fasting

One of the rhythms that we have leaned into the past few years as a church family at Ethos Church is communally entering into seasons of prayer and fasting. In fact, right before covid hit, we had just wrapped up a month of prayer and fasting with other churches asking GOD to Awaken our city. Over the years, we’ve seen God work in many life-changing and mysterious ways in our seasons of prayer and fasting. We’ve seen people discover the love of Jesus and give their lives to Him. We’ve seen apathetic, cynical Christians become passionate, loving Christ followers. We’ve seen marriages restored. We’ve seen the power of sin, fear and temptation broken as people receive forgiveness and strength. We’ve seen God reveal callings for people and their next steps in life. And so much more.

We have sensed that in this season where so many things are being shaken and seem uncertain, setting aside a week to wholeheartedly seek the Lord through prayer and fasting for ourselves, our church, our city, our country and the world is what the Lord is inviting us into. The Lord desires a deeper and richer relationship with every one us. When we deny ourselves through fasting and we seek Him in prayer, we create space for God to speak to us. And it’s when we hear His life changing words, reminding us of our identity and purpose, that strengthens us so that we are Unshaken, even when everything is shaking around us.

How to Participate

Below you'll find four ways to participate in this week of prayer and fasting. Regardless of your experience with prayer and fasting, we believe each person can participate and experience new depths of intimacy with God.


Familiarize yourself with the four types of fasts. Ask the Lord which fast He’s inviting you into. The following information on the four fasts is from Revival Starts Here, a short book by Dave Clayton.

A major fast is when you abstain from food or drink for twenty-four consecutive hours or more. A major fast requires a certain level of physical health, and it is recommended that you check with your doctor if you’re doing a major fast that lasts more than a few days in a row. Some examples from Scripture of a major fast can be found in Matthew 4:2, Acts 9:9, and Esther 4:15-16, just to name a few.

In a minor fast, you choose to abstain from food for a certain period of time (i.e., 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. or sunup to sundown). This fast is sometimes called a “Jewish fast,” and it can last for days at a time, eating only at a set time of the day. In a minor fast, most people will drink liquids during the day and have one small meal after sundown each evening.

A partial fast is when you give up only certain foods during the course of your fast. This fast is seen most clearly in Daniel 1, where Daniel abstains from certain foods out of devotion to God for a period of time. During a partial fast, some people choose to give up certain foods they enjoy in an effort to turn their hearts more deeply toward God.

Technically speaking, biblical fasting only refers to abstaining from food or drink (or both) for a spiritual purpose. However, some people choose to fast from things other than food. Some people will give up television, social media, or other activities for a soul fast to focus on prayer.

Each of these fasts can be a valuable way of connecting with God more deeply. If you are physically able, though, I would encourage you to prayerfully consider one of the first three fasts. There is something about giving up food that physically and spiritually realigns you in ways nothing else can.

To learn more about prayer and fasting, read this chapter from the book Revivial Starts Here, by Dave Clayton.


Each morning we’ll have a prayer guide that includes a short video teaching and a few questions that are intended to help you connect with the Lord throughout the day. 

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24 Hour Prayer Vigil @ Ethos Office

On Saturday, October 24, starting at 6:30pm, you are invited to come pray as we commit to dedicating 24 consecutive hours to prayer. Come and join us for an hour or two (or longer) as we ask the Lord to bless our week of fasting by drawing near and speaking clearly to us.

In order to be compliant with covid restrictions on the size of group meetings, you must sign up here if you plan on attending Saturday between 6:30–8:30pm or Sunday between 6:30–8:30pm. There will be a couple other times that sign ups may be required. Click here to find out more or to sign up to attend during those select times.

Sunday Prayer Gathering @ Ethos Office

Join us for our Sunday Prayer Gathering from 6:30–8pm at the Ethos Office. Click here to sign up to attend.

Mid-Week Worship Night

On Wednesday, October 28, you’re invited to an in person worship gathering at the Cannery from 6:30–8pm. Seating is limited. Sign up information coming soon.

Nightly Prayer and Worship

Each night that week (except for 10/28) from 6:30–8pm @ the Ethos Office, you’re invited to come join us in person for prayer and worship. Click here to sign up to attend.


Send a short video (1-2 minutes) to of what GOD does in your life throughout the week of prayer and fasting.  Testimony encourages and builds up others’ faith. Make sure to film in landscape orientation (horizontally!).