Blogs to Help You Prepare


Below you'll find a list of blogs written by the Ethos staff and Ethos family members to help you step into this season of prayer and fasting...

The Best Time to Start | by Sydney Clayton

Ethos Students and Fasting | by Josh Willis

Fasting For vs. Fasting From | by Keela Smith

Fasting While Pregnant or Nursing | by Caity Shinnick

Inviting Kids Into Prayer and Fasting | by Kristina Parnell

Let Go of Guilt and Perfection | by Courtney Steele

Minor Fasting: Sun Up to Sun Down | by Sydney Clayton

Praying in Practical & Creative Ways | by Caity Shinnick

Space for God to Work | by Caleb Bone

Tips For Multi-Day Complete Fasts | by an Anonymous Ethos Family Member

You've Got This | by Sarah Sullivan