We want to become a church family that embodies the greatest commandments (Matt 22:37-40) while living into the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20). In other words, we want our church family to reflect the priorities of Jesus’s Life. Jesus consistently modeled a life that was devoted first to God, secondly to his community of faith, and thirdly to the world desperately in need of God’s love (Luke 6:12-19). To watch/listen to teachings regarding our mission go here.

Our Mission

We exist to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement.

Love God.

Jesus made it clear that there is no higher priority than our relationship with the heavenly Father. Jesus modeled this truth and taught this truth. As a church family we seek to live this out in several ways:

      • We are committed to gathering to worship together every Sunday.
      • We are committed to pursuing God with friends and family each day.
      • We are committed to listen to & obey God each day. 

Love People.

Jesus also modeled and taught that a deep love for God would always lead to a deep love for people. Jesus modeled this love first towards his community of faith (disciples), and then towards a world in desperate need of a loving God. As a church family we seek to live this out in several ways:

      • We are committed to building deeper relationships with eachother in House Churches.
      • We are committed to serving locally, nationally, and globally.
      • We are committed to sharing the gospel with those who do not yet love Jesus. 

Awaken a Movement.

Finally, Jesus taught and modeled that his mission is our mission — to make disciples of all nations. As a church family, we seek to awaken the movement that Jesus began in several tangible ways:

      • We are committed to making disciples and planting churches.
      • We partner with faithful ministries committed to bringing God's Kingdom to Earth.
      • We actively show and tell the world about the goodness of God's love by meeting both physical and spiritual needs locally and globally.