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Love Your Neighbor



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On Sunday, April 8th, we handed out a booklet full of practical ideas to love your neighbor. This booklet was created with you and your neighbor in mind. If you missed out on picking up a booklet, we've provided an e-booklet that you can download! (See below!)

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you can love your simple and real ways. This booklet is a tool to inspire, prepare, and empower you. Hopefully, the prompts and ideas in this e-booklet will lead you to ask questions and discover new ways of meeting and loving your neighbors. By no means does it hold all the information or answers. But we hope it serves as the spring board to naturally launch you into mission in the places you live, work, and play.

Ok, it’s time to start thinking. But before you dive right in, invite God into this journey. The best plans and ideas are always led by our Heavenly Father. Maybe say a simple breath prayer as you get started.Breathe in and say in your mind, “Father God,” then breathe out and say, “Meet me here.” Or come up with your own!

We believe in you. Get creative. Be brave. Trust God.


Love Your Neighbor


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