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Ethos Kids exists to help families with children to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement. In a season where we are scattered, we hope the following resources and suggestions will help create community and accessibility for kids in your At Home Gatherings. Whether you are participating with your house church in a living room, friends in a park, or your family at home, these resources are created with flexibility in mind and can be adapted to meet nearly any setting.

We hope this guide will help spark your creativity to create space for kids to encounter God in meaningful ways. If you have any questions or would like to recommend something that is working for your At Home Gathering, email us at .

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If you are looking for more information or have any questions you can email us at  . You can also connect with us on Instagram. For information about kids' events, schedule, and more, sign up for the Ethos Kids email newsletter. 

Sermon Activity Sheets & Coloring Pages

These activity sheets follow along with the sermon each Sunday. This is a great and easy option to use with your kids to help them engage with the sermon on the livestream. Click here to download and print.

At Home Lessons

Each week we provide a kids' lesson that connects with the sermon on Sunday morning. These lessons allow children to experience stories from the Bible in new and interactive ways. The lessons can be used with children prior to or after the Sunday livestream. They can also be divided up into smaller sections and used at various times throughout the week. Click here to access our At Home Lessons.

Kids Sunday Journal

We have designed a Kids Sunday Journal for your kids to use each week. By utilizing a combination of questions and activities, this journal is designed to keep your child engaged throughout a worship gathering and can be used in a variety of settings, such as the livestream or an in-person gathering. Click here to download the printable PDF version. In addition, we have printed copies of the Sunday Kids Journal, and we would love to mail one to your child! To request a Kids Sunday Journal, click here and fill out the form.

At Home Kids Class Guide

One way to create opportunities for spiritual growth for kids during an At Home Gathering is by planning a "Sunday School class." We have created an At home Kids Class Guide that follows a similar pattern as our traditional Sunday classes at church. We encourage you to set up a rotating schedule where two adults sign up to teach the kids kids class each Sunday. By spreading out the responsibility it allows children to get to know other adults in their gathering and doesn't place the burden on only one person. This guides uses a very simple curriculum we have developed based on scripture memorization. Click here to access our At Home Kids Class Guide.

Intergenerational Gathering Guide

A great way to engage with your kids in your At Home Gathering is by intentionally creating an intergenerational experience so children and adults alike are provided opportunities to engage with one another and experience spiritual formation. This model is best for At Home Gatherings with kids who are following along with the Sunday livestream week to week. We have developed a guide for you to follow that we hope will encourage participation for the kids in your group. Click here to access our Intergenerational Gathering Guide.

Scripture Memorization

We highly recommend memorizing scripture together as a family. Memorizing and reciting scripture is something that Christian communities have done for centuries. The Bible encourages us to store God’s words in our hearts and to pass them down to our children (Deut. 11:18-19). Scripture also tells us that David stored up God’s words in his heart (Psalm 119:11). In the New Testament, Jesus demonstrated his memorization of scripture when he frequently quoted from the Old Testament in his teachings. We believe memorizing scripture honors God’s instructions to us in scripture and invites us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. You can memorize scripture with your family by starting small and working through our ABCs of Scripture. Click here to access our ABCs of Scripture curriculum.

Ethos Kids Rule of Life

We want to disciple our children to have healthy rhythms in their daily life. This Rule of Life worksheet is designed to invite kids to think intentionally about how they want to spend time in scripture, practice gratitude, create, move, and connect with others. This worksheet is designed to be filled out each week and gives kids the flexibility to try new things week to week. Click here to download the Ethos Kids Rule of Life sheet.

Resource Recommendations

There are so many incredible, spirit-filled resources available to parents and caregivers to attend to the spiritual formation of your children. We have curated a list of some of our favorites resources for you to use in this season with kids in your At Home Gathering. These resources include from kids lessons, activity books, worship songs, and so much more! We will continue to update this list regularly as we discover new resources. Click here to access our Resource Recommendations.