We believe God is a generous God. Deep within the DNA of Ethos Church is an understanding that all good things are from God, and much joy is found in the sharing of those good things. We believe there is no better place to invest our time, energy, and finances than the local church.

Together we are striving to be a church family that lives lives of radical generosity towards Jesus, His Church, and His world. Practically speaking, this means we strive to be equally passionate about both meeting the ministry needs of our church family (i.e. central staffing, facilities, ministry supplies, etc) as well as blessing people beyond our church family (i.e church planting, local/global missions, etc). By God’s grace, our church family has been able to live into this "outward facing" way of generosity since 2008 and counting with no intention of slowing down. 

Each year, the Ethos Elders, Staff, and Finance Team work diligently to spend money in a way that honors Jesus, serves the Ethos Family, and blesses the world around us. On this page you will find information about how you can give to the work of God through Ethos Church, as well as information on last year's giving and spending.

To find out more about where your money is going, visit our Ethos Stories page here