Fast Forward


During the month of February, our church family set aside an entire month to connect with God through a season of prayer and fasting. As a community, we asked God to awaken our church to both His heart for us, as well as His heart for the world.

As individuals, we asked God to ignite our faith, restore our relationships, and to awaken our imaginations to the plans he has for our us in 2018 and beyond. It was a tremendous season of both intimacy and growth for our family at Ethos Church.

As we move into the rest of 2018, please take a moment to fill out the form below, and fill free to use the resources located on the left of this page to encourage you in your friendship with God.


After a season of wholeheartedly pursuing God together, we are asking every person in our church family to take a few simple next steps as we ask God to continue the work of awakening us to his love and purposes. We'd love to hear more about your journey of prayer & fasting as well!