Ethos Students


Ethos Students

As a church our mission is to love God, love people, and awaken a movement. Part of that mission includes discipling middle school and high school students. Ethos Students is how our church partners with families to disciple students to become fully mature Christian adults. Everything that we do as Ethos Students serves the purpose of leading students one step closer in loving God, loving people, and awakening a movement in their current community.

Ethos Students Communication

Our most effective and reliable form of communication is our weekly Ethos Students email. You can sign up for that and our remind texting service by visiting the Connect With Us sidebar.

Returning on Sundays April 18

Fortunately, our student ministry has been able to maintain gathering safely throughout the pandemic but we have had to alter our rhythms and methods of gathering. Another adjustment is coming as we are now resuming Ethos Students on Sunday mornings beginning April 18 from 10:10 - 11:00am up in Venue ONE (the 3rd floor venue of the Cannery). We choose this odd time so that our students can join their families for either the 9am or 11am worship gathering at the Cannery. We hope your student will join us when we begin meeting on Sunday, April 18 up in Venue ONE.

Sunday Worship Gatherings

We want our families to worship together with us in our Sunday Worship Gatherings. We believe that students are full participants in every aspect of our church family. Because of this, we encourage students and families to join volunteer teams together to set up, make coffee, welcome, or fill whatever role they can in our church on Sundays. In addition to Sunday Worship Gatherings, our students meet separately with Middle School and High School from 10:10am-11am, between the 9:00 and 11:00 worship gatherings. Check out Student House Churches for more information. 

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