Easter Overflow Seating

Easter Sunday, April 21st

Overflow Seating at the Cannery

Each year, Easter Sunday at the Cannery has been a busting-at-the-seams type of day as people invite their families and friends to join us for worship. We could look at this like a problem — or we could see the beautiful opportunity laid before us and thank God for the way he continues to draw people to himself in worship and community! We need your help in giving the best seats to newcomers and guests.

Directly behind the bar and near the restrooms — where we normally serve coffee, we will have extra seats set up. We'll have a screen set up where you can watch teaching and find the words for all the worship songs. These seats aren't our best seats — and that's why we are asking our family members to consider sitting in this section.

If we think of our Sunday worship gathering like a party in our own homes, we'd never invite people over and not have a place for them to sit. Furthering that picture, we wouldn't ask our guests to sit in the kitchen while we sat in the dining room with our family. So we're asking you, our family, to consider taking a less ideal seat so that someone new can have a better seat on Sunday!