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Special Offering on April 22nd



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Each week we say our mission is to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement. If you’ve been at Ethos, you’ve probably heard or seen that over and over, but what does it actually mean to Awaken a Movement? And what does it take?

Like any movement, it starts at the beginning...specifically, our beginning as a church. Ethos Church began in 2008 as a church plant, a new expression in the heart of Nashville, TN. From 12 people meeting in a living room in Green Hills, we’ve grown to thousands of people at six worship gatherings across three campuses.

And in that time, we’ve seen God do so much in our church.

We've celebrated as hundreds of people have taken their next step with Jesus in baptism. We've grown from 1 location with 1 worship gathering to 3 locations with a total of 6 worship gatherings. We've partnered with organizations in our city to serve children, the marginalized, the hungry, and more. And this only scratches the surface.

We believe God has so much more He wants to do through our church here in Nashville. Our heart is for the city, but not just for this city.

Our church has always desired to partner with the work God was doing in Nashville and beyond. Over the years, we’ve taken steps in this direction by partnering with church planters in India and Uganda, training and sending leaders to Portugal, Seattle, and Chattanooga, to name a few. And God is doing great things in all these cities.

And we believe God is just getting started. Over the past few years, our church has been given a unique chance to host and train leaders from around the world. We believe this will be a key part of our role in the growth of the global church over the coming years.

We will host them in Nashville, train them through Onward, and give them opportunities to refine their skills as leaders at our church and in this city.

All of this takes money, so we’re asking you to give to a fund that will be dedicated to helping support these resident church planters, to help cover their housing and expenses. Often, they pick up and move their whole lives from another city to Nashville in faith, without a job or anything waiting for them.

These leaders have been such a blessing to us over the years. They’ve given so much of their time and abilities and have left a mark on our church.

So we’re asking for you to help in a few keys ways:

Pray that God would send more of these leaders our way.

And give to the residency fund so that we can train and equip these leaders.