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If you are looking for information on the Love Your Neighbor Fall Gathering, click here.

Cannery Schedule Update for October 27th
No Worship Gatherings — Please Watch the Video & Read Below

On Thursday afternoon (Oct 24th), we discovered that the Cannery had been double booked for Sunday, October 27th. Practically speaking, this means that our church family will not be able to worship at the Cannery this Sunday for any of our normal worship gatherings at 9am, 11am, 5pm, or 7pm.

Although we are bummed that we cannot gather for worship as we normally do this Sunday, we truly believe that we are a church family when we are gathered and when we are scattered. In fact, in the early years of our church’s history, there were many Sundays in which we had to change our plans or relocate. These surprises were a bit easier logistically when our church was much smaller, but those moments (and this one) have instilled a deep sense of adaptability and flexibility in the DNA of our church family, and for that we are so thankful!

So what is the plan for this Sunday, October 27th?

Just because we cannot all be together doesn’t mean we cannot still worship Jesus this Sunday. If you are able, get together with your house church or a group of friends from the Cannery. If you are not able to do that, set aside some time on your own to worship God. You can do this in your home, a coffee shop, your favorite park, or anywhere else that you find it easy to connect with God. Here are a few things to help you get started with a time of worship in your home...

Good news is that we will be back together at our normal times on Sunday, November 3rd to celebrate our birthday. As always, we will collect a special offering to bless the work that God is doing among several of our global missions partners. In order to prepare your heart for Birthday Sunday, we encourage you to:

Is there anything else you can do to help regarding Sunday, October 27th?

Please take a few minutes to help us spread the word about our change of plans for this Sunday, October 27th. Take a few minutes to send a text, email, make a phone call, or post on your social media platforms to help get the message out. This will help us reach the most people!

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We love you. Have a great Sunday and we look forward to being together on Sunday, November 3rd!

Love Your Neighbor Fall Gathering
Sunday, October 27th, 12:30-3pm

If you are looking a way to interact with others on Sunday and build relationships, we have a unique opportunity to join in with some of our Ethos family members!

Shawna Sheahen (Cannery family member) is hosting a potluck lunch as we gather with our refugee neighbors for the purpose of extending welcome, building relationships, and sharing Jesus' love. We believe this is a way to create shalom in our city and in our world- to sit side by side with those who are different than us and get to know each as we share a meal.

Please bring at least two food items and a drink if you are a family, or one food item and a drink if you are an individual. Although there are some tables and benches, a blanket and/or some camping chairs would be a great idea in case we run out of seating. All paper goods will be provided.

All are invited and welcome; we created this sign-up just as a way to know how many people are coming so we can prepare. There is no need to print out your tickets. Space is limited though, so sign up soon!

Click here to sign up.