You've Got This

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The following blog was written by Sarah Sullivan. Sarah is the Campus Coordinator at our Hillsboro Village campus. She's passionate about the kingdom of God, specifically helping men and women break free from the chains of addiction, sin and shame that keep them from walking in freedom and true intimacy with God. If you've ever met Sarah, then you've encountered her joy and encouragement — and those both come through in her blog...

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As we are in this season of prayer and fasting, my desire is that these words will be a comfort and encouragement to you. As I sit down to write this, I realize it is as much for my own benefit as it is yours. I find that I’m filled with excitement and fear, hope and doubt all at the same time for this month. So just know you are not alone in this journey and definitely not alone in these feelings. We are right here alongside of you, struggling with you, cheering for you, and triumphing with you.

My dear family, I have no doubt that you will be challenged this month. The devil will be on the attack. There may come a moment when you question your ability to do what you’ve set out to do or believe you’ve failed. There may come a moment when you are faced with temptation or opposition. When these moments come, I want you to hear this:

You CAN do this. God’s promises are steadfast. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, the Lord says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Did you hear that, church? Are you feeling physically or spiritually weak? Are you facing hardships or persecutions? Lean into this promise of God! Where we are weak, HE is strong. You CAN do this because He is at work within you!

We believe in you. And we are here for you. Our team is praying alongside of you. Our team is praying FOR you. And you are not alone.

So take a deep breath:

Inhale. God’s grace is sufficient for me.

Exhale. His power is my strength.

You’ve got this.


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