You and God

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This morning’s post will be short, sweet, and to the point, but I think it has the ability to change the course of your hour, your day, your week, maybe even your life. Whatever you are doing right now (besides reading this blog) stop. Turn off the phone, turn down the volume on your ipod, quit multi tasking. I’m not asking you to do this because of what I am typing, but hopefully because of what God will reveal to you in the next couple of minutes. 
My question for you this morning is so simple, yet very difficult to answer honestly. 

Are you truly seeking the heart of God?

Not yesterday, last week, or over the course of this month — I mean right now. At work, driving in your car, wherever it is that you are reading this blog…today, are you truly seeking the heart of God?

If you said yes…

Why did you say that? Is it a feeling? Is it because of something you’ve done today? I’m not trying to talk you out of your answer, in fact I hope that is true. I just want you to think about it. What does a typical Wednesday look like when you are seeking the heart of God?

If you said no…

What is going to change, and when is that going to change? Don’t wait until after your meeting. Come on, we both know that meeting doesn’t have eternal significance. Don’t wait until after lunch, your appointment, or making the next phone call. Take some time to do the things that matter.

At the most basic level of your life, right now, how are you and God doing?

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