Worship and Potluck @ the Watkins Community Center

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Hello Marathon Family!

If you weren't able to be with us the past couple of weeks at Marathon we shared the news that we will be meeting at a different location on Sunday, September the 9th. That is this upcoming Sunday. Every once in a while the venue we meet in on a weekly basis, Marathon Music Works, has a show or event that conflicts with our normal Sunday gathering, and we do our best to honor and bless the venue and its staff by being as flexible as possible. 

These moments serve as a good reminder that we are not confined to a certain space and time as a church. We are the people of God wherever we are and wherever we gather.

There are a few important details about this Sunday we want to make sure you know:

  • Where: Watkins Community Center (616 17th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203)
  • When: This Sunday, September 9th @ 10AM
  • What: A time of worship and fellowship over a potluck brunch.
  • Kids: There will be no childcare provided, but we will orient the day keeping kids in mind. There will be an area in the larger gathering space for small children under age 2 to play.
  • Food: We need everyone to contribute in order to make this brunch happen! Sign-up to bring something here.


We can't wait to gather in this unique way and celebrate Jesus together on Sunday! Love you all!



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