Who are you inviting?

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Believe it or not, Easter is only 9 days away and the question begs to be answered ... "Who are you inviting to Easter Sunday?" I hope you have spent time praying about who you should ask. I hope you have been taking note of your friends and family members who will be sitting at home alone on Easter Sunday. I hope you have had the courage to extend a warm invitation to that girl you work with, or that guy that sits in a cubicle that nobody talks to. 

After all, isn't that how you came to know Jesus? Someone invited you -- maybe it was a parent, maybe it was a friend, maybe it was a poster tacked on a bulletin board.

Don't simply take the easy way out. The good news of Jesus is for everyone, even the folks you don't feel comfortable around. 

Let's pray hard. Let's pray for a gigantic movement of God. Let's trust that Jesus is risen.

So, who are you inviting?  

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