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On Sunday, September 27th we had the joy of welcoming Aaron and Amy Etheridge into a new role on the ministry team with Ethos Church. Beginning on Sunday, October 11th, Aaron will begin serving in a part time capacity as the Campus Pastor for our church family that gathers for worship at the Cannery Ballroom. 

Aaron and Amy Etheridge, along with their two sons Elijah and Toren,  have been a wonderful part of the Ethos Church Family for more than two years. The Etheridges moved to Nashville in the fall of 2013 to help train future church planters through ONWARD, a ministry of Ethos Church. Aaron and Amy have led house churches, regional house churches, taught grow classes, led service initiatives, and in 2014 Aaron joined the teaching and preaching team at the Cannery Ballroom. Our church family has been deeply blessed by God’s work in them and through them, and we are excited to see how God will use them in this new capacity.

Please take a moment to pray for the Etheridges, and our church family at the Cannery Ballroom. These are exciting times! Please give them a warm welcome when you see them on Sundays, and feel free to shoot them an encouraging email ( ). 


What is a Campus Pastor?

Ethos Church is one church family that gathers in multiple locations (expressions) across the city of Nashville. At each location (Cannery Ballroom, Marathon Music Works, Hillsboro Village, and the Prayer Gathering) there is a point person (campus pastor) focused on leading the ministry team and helping that portion of our church family grow deeper in their love for God, each other, and the mission God has called us to uniquely in that neighborhood. 

Who are the Ethos Campus Pastors?
      • Andrew Smith - Marathon Music Works & Prayer Gathering
      • Larkin Briley - Hillsboro Village
      • Aaron Etheridge - Cannery Ballroom

Why Add a Campus Pastor at the Cannery? 

Although the Cannery Ballroom is the oldest and largest body of the Ethos Church Family, that expression of our church family has never had someone specifically focused on helping our church family at the Cannery grow deeper in love for God, each other, and the mission of Jesus in downtown Nashville. Even with the Cannery sending out many people over the last few years to plant new churches, the Cannery has continued to grow larger. As this portion of our church family continues to grow larger, we know it is time we take some intentional steps towards growing deeper together. Commissioning a campus pastor will be a great step in helping us go deeper. 

What Will this Mean Practically for the Cannery?

Practically speaking, this means Aaron will often be the person you see during the Welcome (beginning) and the Sending (the end) of each of our Sunday Worship Gatherings at the Cannery. He will also be leading the prayer and response teams on Sundays, as well as leading our follow up teams.During the week, Aaron will be leading our follow up teams as ministry needs arise, as well as developing new opportunities to help our family at the Cannery grow as disciples of Jesus.

Dave Clayton will still be the primary person teaching and preaching at the Cannery, but when Dave is teaching at our other locations, or serving other church plants, Aaron will often be the one anchoring the teaching ministry at the Cannery when Dave is out of pocket. 


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Tom Riley Oct 4, 2015 8:09pm

Congratulations, Aaron! I look forward to getting to know you better and seeing how God uses you to bless his family.