Week 2 Devotional: 6th Birthday Prayer & Fasting

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Today marks the start of week two in our 3 week prayer and fasting journey. Let’s really trust God and pray with great expectation and boldness over the next two weeks. Carve out some time today to meditate on his word, pray and simply be with God. 


Week 2 Devotional

Listening to Jesus: (Written as though Jesus was speaking to you, because He is)

There's a deep desire in you that despite your greatest efforts cannot be filled by anything other than me. How tempting it is to fill emptiness with empty things and expect to somehow feel full. My presence within you is the only thing that will satisfy. Consider church and how often my people determine her worth based on her attractiveness. Have we limited the plans and power of my Holy Spirit in my church based on music, sermons, and trendiness? While a good Sunday service will satisfy you for the day, you need me daily, hourly, every minute and second. My Spirit is my constant presence in you, closer than your breath. 

I am calling this church into deeper waters. I want you to be a people dedicated to prayer and sharing the depths of my love and grace to the people in Nashville. I want every person in this city to know me and bow down to me. In order to awaken a movement, I desire people of prayer that are willing to lead it. I want you to be a leader in this. Accept my calling, trusting that I will lead you. Daily, you must choose to rely on my fullness and step out in faith as I instruct you. Pray for boldness, clarity, discernment, and wisdom as I am pouring out my Spirit upon you. 

Scripture Meditation:

  • Philippians 3:7-11
  • Colossians 4:2-4

How you can pray for our church?

  • Pray for a deeper yearning and reliance on the Holy Spirit in our church 
  • Pray for God to specifically reveal to you the people you should invite to worship with us on November 9th
  • Ask God to soften the hearts of those that will be present on November 9th — and that those who haven’t yet decided to follow Jesus will know and feel the love of God
  • Ask God to increase the joy of generosity amongst our people as we look to provide clean water and living water on the 9th


(Devotional by: Christiana Muir, Outreach & Pastoral Team)


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