Volunteers Needed

Posted by Dave Clayton on

In the coming weeks, we will be completely restructuring our Volunteer system at Ethos Church. In an effort to keep things simple, we have gone to great lengths to make sure it only takes a handful of people to make Sundays happen so the majority of our volunteer efforts can go towards serving our city.

Although it does not take many people to make each service happen, we believe it is vital to involve as many people as possible so our Volunteers do not get burned out, and so more people can experience the joy of serving in Jesus' church.

So this fall, we are asking that every person in our church commits to serving on 1 volunteer team at 1 of our Worship Gatherings only once a month. So in one calendar year, you will only serve on Sunday 12 times. In a calendar year, we have 156 Sunday Worship Gatherings ... we are asking you to help in a small fraction of them.

Our next Volunteer Training Day is Sunday, August 22nd at 1 PM (more details coming soon). If you are interested in signing up for one of our Volunteer teams you can do so at church this Sunday in the lobby.

Will you be a Volunteer? We cannot do it without you!

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