V21 Church Portugal: June Monthly Missions Focus

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This month, we are starting a "Monthly Missions Focus" in which we tell you a different story each month of what Ethos is able to do missionally because of YOUR generosity.  This month, we’ll start with the story of Andre Prim.  3 years ago, this young man from Portugal came to Nashville for training in vocal coaching.  He was invited to Ethos and not long after fell in love with the Lord.  Andre quickly realized the need for the Gospel in his hometown of Lisbon, and began our church planting training two years ago.  Andre is now planting a church in downtown Lisbon called V21, and thanks to the way you selflessly give of your resources, we are able to help equip Andre and his team to reach the lost of Portugal!  The following is a blog from Andre that helps explain more about the work they are doing in Portugal: 


V21 is a Christian movement. We want to find those who are far from God and bring them closer to Him. We believe that the Church must be a reflection of God and we are the Church.

Our mission is to love God, love people and awaken a movement and our vision is to build local communities where people can belong before they believe. Portugal has a big lack of community and also we still live in a country dominated by religion where the majority of people are unbelievers or catholic. 

 To achieve this mission we are connecting, growing and giving. 

  1. Connect - Events

Our events are a mix of music and a biblical message. At the end of the events everyone can contribute with their time, talent and money and know how to get involved in the movement.  These events are the first step for people to connect with God and with us.

  1. Grow - Small Groups

Every week we gather in small groups (about 10) to grow together. We learn more about God and about us. We help meet the needs of each and make sure that no one is alone.

  1. Give - Time / Talent / Money.

Jesus called us to be the light of the world in Matthew 5:14. So we believe that we should give what God has given us - Love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, compassion.

V21 Worship Gathering

Where are we: At this moment we meet monthly in the center of Lisbon. We have small groups weekly in one of our friends warehouses. Every 15 days we support an organization called Serve the City (community dinners) in a college in Lisbon. We also do a monthly retreat where we make baptisms and spend some time together praying and listening some teaching.

We are finding our rhythms and spreading the word to have more people involved. Thank you so much for your support!


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