Urgent Prayers : Ryan Woods & Family

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For the last several months, we have been praying for some of our own -- two church planters from Vancouver, WA. They are a wonderful couple and dear friends, Ryan and Jess Woods. In May, our church got down on our knees, quite literally to pray that God would heal them, if he so chooses, but more importantly that He would be glorified in their lives. Despite the pain of this situation, God has been glorified in the midst of great pain. 

This week, the doctors decided there is nothing more than can do. As of Friday, Hospice has come in to make Ryan's final days as painless as possible. 

Hear from Ryan
Ryan and Jess have blogged and even filmed parts of their story so that those of us praying all over the world could have a better since of what to pray and how to pray. You can watch and read those things here:

My Last Days : Meet Ryan Woods (blog & video)

Dying and Hospice (blog)

What Can You Do?

  1. Write them an encouraging note:
    The Woods
    1912 C Street
    Vancouver, WA 98663-3330
  2. Send them an encouraging email at

How Can You Pray? 

  1. Pray for his wife Jess & their two kids Jones & India.
  2. Pray that God will give peace & deep faith in the midst of the uncertain.
  3. Pray that God's name is glorified among believers & non-believers alike.
  4. Pray that God's will is perfectly accomplished, whether thru life or death. 

Death is never easy. Especially as we watch one of our own die so young as his young family watches helplessly. May we be reminded that God's perspective is so much better and bigger than ours. When things are uncertain and seem hopeless, may we cling to the only one who really knows how this story will all unfold. He is good. He is worthy of our trust. 

I love you guys deeply. Thanks for praying.

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