Tusculum School Supplies - Shopping List

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We are partnering with Tusculum Elementary to help meet the needs of under resourced families in this already challenging time. Before you come to the family drive thru, purchase any or all of the supplies on this list, and bring them with you to drop off at the Ethos Family Drive Thru on Sunday, August 23rd.

Drive Thru Details:
Sunday, August 23rd @ 2–4pm
1 Cannery Row, Nashville, TN 37203

Below are the needs for the students, teachers and families at Tusculum Elementary.

General Items:

- Dry erase lapboards (9x12 size) for students
- Dry erase markers
- Binders 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch
- Wide rule loose leaf paper
- Plastic binder tabs/subject dividers
- Headphones/earbuds with microphone (or not)
- Thumb drives
- Jump ropes (for PE)
- Tub or bins for storage at home

Other items that are grade-level specific:

- Pre-K-math manipulatives-counters
- 1st Grade-books, math manipulative-counters
- 2nd Grade-base ten blocks; hundreds, tens, ones; math manipulative; counters
- 3rd Grade-draw string bags
- 4th Grade-Clip boards

Items teachers would like for teaching at home:

- Large chart paper, chart markers, large white board, easel
- Dry erase markers

Items the school could use to help with contactless distributions:

- Large canopy tents
- Wagons or carts to transport items

Items needed by the Family Resource Center for distribution to families:

- Personal care items: child friendly shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, washcloths, feminine hygiene products.
- Household items: laundry soap, dish soap
- 1 pound of rice and dried beans.  Canned tuna and chicken.  Healthy snack items like granola bars, cheese crackers, pudding cups.


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