Todd Smells Like Pee

Posted by Dave Clayton on

This morning I was having a conversation with my friend Todd Garrett. If you know Todd, he has been a huge part of Ethos since this summer. He is one of those guys that is just a lot of fun to be around. He has probably invited more people to church than anyone I know. I have learned a lot from him. This morning he came into my office and said...."Do you wanna know what I think evangelism is like?"

Of course I said Todd started telling me this story. 

He told me about a time this summer when he was dog sitting for a friend. Of course it wasn't a cool dog, it was a little dog with a big name, Tank. He started telling me about how angry this little dog was. No matter how hard he tried to make the dog like him, the more it seemed to hate him. He tried everything. He bent down slowly, talked in a soft voice, tried to pet it gently, even tried giving it food, but the dog would just snarl and snap at him.

Finally, Todd said he decided to just let the dog out of the cage, while Todd went and sat on the floor. After Tank had run around the house madly for a few minutes, Todd stuck his hand out and started calling Tank's name again. After about ten minutes of investigating Todd from a distance, Tank finally came over, sniffed his hand, and jumped in Todd's lap.

Then Tank peed all over Todd.

As Todd was telling me this story I was just laughing, and he said "I think that is a lot like sharing Christ with people."

He said, "Usually people are kind of stand offish, they don't know us, we seem strange. So if we can figure out how to just be in the same room with ways that aren't intimidating then we have shot. Of course, life is messy, and when we really start spending time with people that don't know Jesus--things don't just change over night. In fact, we usually end up getting peed on. I think it is worth it though." 

I loved this story, Todd's thoughts, and his heart. I hope you found it encouraging. Now, go get peed on.

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