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There is something special about Easter Sunday. There is something powerful about millions of people gathering all over the world for the sole purpose of remembering that the tomb of Jesus Christ is empty. Easter reminds us of a truth we proclaim at Ethos every Sunday -- Jesus is Alive, and that changes everything.

The last two Easter’s at Ethos Church have been special. We have shared a meal, celebrated as people gave their lives to Jesus, served our city, and invited our friends that are not Christians to join us in the process. This Easter will be no different. After much prayer and planning, our goal is to turn things up a notch as we celebrate and participate in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This Easter we have 4 GOALS :
(1) START : We will start 2 Churches and 1 School in India (read more)
(2) FEED : We will feed 1.2 million people in Zambia (read more)
(3) SHARE : We will invite our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to help
(4) CELEBRATE  : We will gather to celebrate the reality that Jesus is alive

We believe the task at hand is far too big for us, but is certainly not too big for God. As a church we love to put ourselves in positions in which only God can get credit for the outcome. We believe this Easter will be a real example of an "ONLY GOD" moment.

Here are 4 WAYS TO HELP:

Our goal is to raise $30,000 on Easter Sunday to fully fund 2 New Churches, 1 School, and food for 1.2 million people. (GIVE HERE)

Share our goals with everyone you know. Invite your friends, parents, neighbors, and co-workers to START, FEED, SHARE, and CELEBRATE with us. Tweet about it. Change your facebook status. Put a message in a bottle. We don't care. Just be creative. Imagine what would happen if the 1,200 people of Ethos Church each invited 10 friends to help with this effort?

Over the next 8 months we will be sharing more info regarding the tasks at hand. We believe God has equipped many of you within our church family to help meet some of the greatest needs in the regions we are serving. What ideas do you have? How can we serve our friends in Zambia and India better?

Pray. Pray. Pray -- For our friends in Zambia. For our new brothers and sisters in India. For our neighbors, co-workers, and friends that will see Jesus alive and well in ways they have never seen him previously. Pray that Jesus Christ will receive every ounce of glory through our efforts this Easter.

This is not about Ethos Church. This is about an empty tomb, a risen King, and a Glorious God. What better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than by advancing the Gospel, feeding the hungry, and educating the next generation. Thanks for dreaming God sized dreams with us, and for having the courage to swing for the fences as we seek to Love God, Love People, and Awaken the Movement that Jesus began.



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