The Way You See

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The following post was written by Brooke Akin, our Cannery Ethos Kids Pastor.

I was listening to a podcast recently to prepare for Awaken and it said something to the effect of, “Fasting is not about changing the way we look, but the way we SEE.” Although I’ve participated in Awaken for many years now, this year I seem to be more aware of how it is changing the way I go about my day - especially in how I see people and situations differently. I found myself in a long line this week in an under-staffed store, and instead of getting frustrated and impatient (which I am prone to do), I saw the opportunity as a chance to pray for those who were working and encourage them as I encountered them at the register.

Fasting helps intentionally make me more aware of the ways my heart and mind need to be more aligned with Jesus. I am able to see people in front of me differently, and have more space to pray for them and love them well. I encourage you this week to look for opportunities where you can be the hands and feet of Jesus in a dark and weary world. Allow the hunger in your belly (or whatever you are fasting from) to change the way you SEE and to view your daily encounters from an eternal perspective.


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