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Welcome to the Ethos blog. The following post was written in a past season of prayer and fasting, but we still find it to be full of wisdom, practicality, and insight. If you find errors (past dates, etc) — we hope you'll graciously overlook those as you mine for pearls of wisdom here.

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The following blog was written by Sydney Clayton. Sydney is passionate about spiritual growth and discipleship and seeing the kingdom of God spread. She and her husband, Dave, planted Ethos Church in 2008 with a small team of friends. They have three boys: Micah, Jack, and Judah. Her love for our church is expressed as she provides words of encouragement and a prayer over you!

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If fasting is a new spiritual discipline for you, it can feel daunting. However, this is the absolute best time to enter into the discipline of fasting.

It may feel overwhelming with the push for 30 days, but start small. Spend time asking the Lord what He wants you to fast from. What do you need to quiet in your life so you can hear Him more clearly? How much and how often?

It can look like committing your lunches to the Lord, or maybe your Saturday meals to the Lord sun up to sun down, or maybe solid foods for a period of time, or even the Daniel fast. Whatever it looks like for you, this is the absolute best time to try it.

Why? Because you are not alone. Fasting in community is powerful.

The accountability of knowing you are not alone is powerful. The times of corporate worship are encouraging and strengthening. The power of prayer where two or more are gathered in His name is palpable (Matthew 18:20).

This season of prayer and fasting has been preceded by people all over the city, and beyond, praying for Awaken Nashville and the revival of our city. You have been prayed over as a participant before you even started this journey. As God invites us to participate, he delights in us seeking His face above all other distractions (Isaiah 55:6, Psalm 105:4).

My prayer for you in this season:

Good Father, thank you for creating each one of us. Thank you for caring enough about us that you long for a relationship with each individual person. Thank you that you long to see our hearts and minds turn fully to you and commune with you daily.

Father, in this month, would you give us the clarity to see the importance of fasting? Would you give us the obedience to follow the prompting of Holy Spirit? Would you give us the courage to step into that obedience fully and without hesitation? Would you give us encouragement through your Word and our community?

God, give us strength when we are weak. Remove barriers that are both real and perceived. Give us joy in the moment, even when it is inconvenient and difficult. Give us more of your Spirit, that we might be united as a community of believers for one purpose in this fast, that ALL of Nashville and beyond would KNOW you and the power of your LOVE. Amen.


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