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Posted by Dave Clayton on

This Sunday will mark the launch of our 3rd Worship Gathering at 10:30 am. To find out why we we are adding a 3rd Worship Gathering read here.  All three Worship Gatherings will be identical so pick a time and invite your friends. Regardless of which Gathering you will call your home, we need your help spreading the word about our new times.

Here are a few practical ways you can spread the word.
1.) Tell everyone you know personally.
2.) Post it on Twitter and Facebook.
3.) Send a smoke signal.
4.) Text your friends that have been out of town the last few weeks to let them know.
5.) Write a note and tie it to a real live pigeon.
6.) Invite someone by talking to them face to face.
7.) Knit a Scarf with the new Gathering Times in bright colors.
8.) Ask someone personally.
9.) Tell Everyone You Know
10.) Spread the word any way possible.

How will you spread the word?

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