Sunday Night Reflections

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Sorry I have been absent from the blogosphere recently. To be completely honest, I just hit a wall last week. After returning from our PCB Mission Trip over a week ago, I was just exhausted, and thought it would be good to take a break from blogging. Anyways, I'm back. 

It was a great night at Ethos. Here are just a few thoughts from the evening...

+ It was wonderful seeing so many new faces. For those of you that are regulars at Ethos, please make sure you follow up with those that are new. Remember what it was like to be new?

+ When the Created loses sight of the Creator, there is no purpose, where there is no purpose there is no hope, where there is no hope, there is no life.

+ If we aren't choosing Jesus, we are choosing hell.

+ Communion was powerful tonight.

+ We talked through our plans for Easter as a church. This blog will be dedicated to our Easter Service between now and April 12th.

+ Sin begins the moment we take our focus off of Jesus.

+ God created us for so much more, why am I so comfortable settling for so much less?

I hope it never gets old gathering with friends, and strangers in a bar to worship Jesus. Have a great night. Love you guys.

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