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The refugee crisis in the Middle East seems overwhelming. It also seems so far from Tennessee, far from where I am. As I have read stories and seen photos, I have felt sad and desperate to help. But a part of me wants to forget. Wants to not see these photos of children drowned, of families desperate for rescue.

I saw the photos of that precious little boy, who washed up on the shores of Turkey. I saw his tiny shoes on his feet, a life cut so tragically short. And as I looked at my own children that day and put their shoes on their feet, I sobbed. This little boy was someone's son, which makes him like my own son. These people who are dying, who are struggling...These are God's Children. Which makes them our family. Our brothers and sisters. 

I started praying, asking God what I am supposed to do about this crisis overseas. And the answer I started hearing was, "Not nothing. You aren't supposed to do nothing." So for a few days, I leaned into this answer, asking the Holy Spirit to speak clearly and help me hear. In every moment between my daily tasks and taking care of my kids, I kept thinking about the little boy's shoes. They have been filling my waking thoughts.

And then it hit me...SHOES. This is what the Holy Spirit of the Living God is speaking to me. Shoes. A great need overseas for displaced refugees is shoes. Here in Tennessee, I decided that it is US for THEM. So I started asking people and posting on Facebook about my plan to send shoes overseas. And the response has been breathtaking. Friends, families, and strangers are responding and donating shoes.

I am hoping to collect these shoes by Tuesday, September 22nd, so that we can pack and send them off. The end destination is not completely confirmed, but it is looking like these shoes are headed to Greece, where thousands of displaced refugees are in need.

So now I am asking you...are you in? Do you want to help?


  1. Bring Closed Toe Shoes on Sunday, September 20th to Any Worship Gathering
    Tennis Shoes, Toms, Sneakers, Casual Shoes
    Any & All Sizes for Men, Women, and Children

  2. Look for the box in the lobby and drop your shoes there!

  3. Stay tuned for more information and ways to help!
    We'll be packing these shoes and sending them off soon — we might need your help!



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