SERVE: Project Homeless Connect Care Packages - March 25th

Posted by Dave Clayton on

As part of our Blueprint 2012 we join in a variety of opportunities to serve and bless our friends that are homeless in Nashville. Project Homeless Connect (PHC) is a one-day, one-stop event to provide people experiencing homelessness with access to a broad range of services, including medical and foot care, legal services, employment assistance, pet care, food, toiletries and more.

Ethos Church has agreed to partner with AGAPE who will sponsor a booth to provide information about services available as well as hand out items that would be of use to a homeless individual.  We have committed to putting together 1,000 care packages. Suggested items for care packages are as follows:

-Granola Bars
-Snack Packs
-Travel sized toothbrush
-Travel sized toothpaste
-Lip Balm
-Pocket sized tissue
-Single serve drink packs
-dental floss
-Travel size deodorant
-Sugar free gum or mints
-Travel size mouth wash
-Travel Size wet wipes
-Travel size lotion
-Travel size hand sanitizer

Bags can be any combination of these items, but please at least include the 4 bolded items at the top of the list. Use gallon sized ziplock bags for packaging.

We will be collecting the care packages on Sunday March 25th during each worship gathering. If you have any questions contact Jenny Stites ( )

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