Serve Our Church: The Heart of It

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Every week we remind ourselves of the mission that God has given to us as a church. That the reason we do everything we do, is so that together, we can become a church that loves God, loves people, and that we might awaken a movement in our city and beyond.

It's the reason we choose to rent our venues each week. It's a way for us to love people. It's a way for us to love and bless the owners of the Cannery and Marathon and The Ruby, by being the best customers, by leaving the venue cleaner than we found it, by praying for them, and more. One of the things we've heard over and over again as the owners come and stick their heads in every once in a while is, "Your people are always smiling and they're always so nice." Where we meet is about helping us accomplish our mission.

It's the reason we cancel our gatherings several times a year and go serve by buying food at Kroger, or throwing parties and giving away school supplies. It's loving people, it's helping us accomplish our mission.

It's the reason we have volunteers here at Ethos. It's the reason we open up opportunities for you to get here early and to set up chairs, it's the reason we give you opportunities to stand at the door and make people feel welcome as they walk in. It's the reason we give you opportunities to make coffee and let new people know they're welcome. And to run slides. And serve kids. Because these are not simply tasks that need to be done, but opportunities for us to express our love for God and people. Volunteering is not something separate from our mission, something separate from worship — it is our mission, it is worship.

We want to invite you to do more than just come here. We want to invite you to come and serve here. To come and live out our mission here.

We have 7 weekly volunteer opportunities here each week as we gather. We understand that God has gifted each of us uniquely. Some of you love and thrive doing the behind the scenes work, you hate being noticed, you don't love meeting strangers — we'd love for you to find a place to love people by being on the set up team, clean up team, Ethos Kids team, or by running slides. Some of you love being around people, you've never known a stranger, or you are looking for community — we'd love for you to find a place to love people by being on the welcome team, coffee team, or Ethos Kids team. Some of you have the gift of prayer and just love to pray for people — you can join our prayer team.

We know that everyone is busy, and we all have lots of good things going on. So we're just asking you to be a part of one team. Your team will serve one Sunday a month, at one worship gathering.

We know that the travel season is upon us and your schedule may be up in the air — it's ok, we can help find people to fill in for you on the weeks you'll be gone. We know that some of you might be interested in serving, but you don't know how. Don't worry, we'll teach you everything you need to know!

Here's what to do: visit our Serve Our Church page, read over the volunteer descriptions, and then fill out the form online. Choose the location you attend, unless you want to volunteer with Ethos Kids — it's a separate form. Someone from our volunteer team will be in touch in the coming week, and they will give you all the information you need.

Questions? Email Jana Ogg, our Serve Coordinator, at .


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