September Discipline: Study/Reading

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Study/Reading might be one of my weakest points spiritually…well, right behind fasting from food.   This has been just the challenge I needed.  For me, making something a competition immediately makes it fun.  Dave and I have been challenging each other to memorize the scripture for the day.  It started out as just something to encourage one another with and suddenly with unspoken words, it became a competition.  Who could say it first?  Who could say it correctly?   Who could say where the passage was from?

What I didn’t realize is how having the scripture memorized by heart would affect my daily interactions with people and my thoughts throughout the day.  I would find myself saying it in my head without thinking about it.  This week I have really enjoyed reading small bits of scripture and just focusing on that thought throughout the day.  It seems much less daunting to tackle a verse or two rather than stay on track reading multiple chapters.  If I am in a group bible study I feel guilty if I get behind even by a day and then I dread reading for an hour to catch up.  I think I miss the point of the Bible study when that happens!  The brief snip-its of scripture allow me to memorize them and dwell on them during the day, both consciously and subconsciously.

The 30 days of scripture has reminded me of one of my favorite verses.  “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be”.  Matt 6:21
It is true.  Whatever you value or treasure, you usually spend time pouring over it.  If it is family that you treasure, then you spend time with them.   You think about them even when you are not with them.  I hope that scripture can become a treasure to me.  Something I think about even when I am not right there reading it.

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