Schedule Change : Superbowl Sunday (Feb 5th)

Posted by Dave Clayton on

At Ethos Church, we love looking for natural opportunities to connect with our friends and neighbors who are not a part of a church family. In the south, one of the most natural opportunities to do this is on Superbowl Sunday. Our first priority as a church family is to Love God deeply. Our second priority is to Love people well.

Here is how we will Love God and Love People on Superbowl Sunday.

First, we want to keep our priorities in line by gathering together as a church to express our love towards God in worship. We worship God, not football, so we don't cancel our worship gatherings so we can watch a game.

Second, in an effort to love our friends & neighbors well -- we will be flexible with our meeting times to provide everyone in our church an opportunity to not only gather with our church family for worship, but to gather with their friends and neighbors who aren't a part of a church to watch the game. So make sure you go ahead and invite your friends and neighbors over to your place to watch the game. After all, we believe Jesus' followers should throw the best parties.

Schedule : Superbowl Sunday, FEB 6th
1:00PM - The 5PM Worship Gathering will be meeting at 1PM on Feb 5th
3:00PM - The 7PM Worship Gathering will be meeting at 3PM on Feb 5th

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