Praying for Medical Professionals & First Responders

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Within and directly connected to our Ethos family, we have many medical professionals and first responders. As COVID-19 spreads in our state, they find themselves in heightened work environments. Many of them are on the frontlines of this situation. Below are the names of those in or directly connected to our church family who are serving in the medical field or as a first responder.

Remember to also pray for their families and roommates. They all carry the weight of sending someone off to work in the medical field.

If you know of someone who is not on this list, please email us at .

We’re inviting anyone from our church to send notes, letters, or emails of encouragement, prayer, or scripture to the medical professionals and first responders connected to our Ethos Family.

If you’re interested in doing this, sign up using the link below. We’ll pair you up with someone in or connected to our church who works in the medical field or as a first responder; we'll get you their contact information, and then you can reach out to them to encourage and pray for them. We believe that prayer and encouraging words will go a long way in building up and sustaining those working in these fields in such a difficult time.





  • Dr. Cory Barnett, Gynecologic Oncology Surgeon
  • Dr. J.B. Boone, MD, Rheumatology & Immunology
  • Dr. Ed Hadley, Emergency Room
  • Dr. James Haynes, Family Physician in Chattanooga (daughter Emily attends Ethos)
  • Lindsay Haynes, Surgery Resident in Johnson City (sister Emily attends Ethos)
  • Dr. Kevin Hummel, Pediatric ICU in Salt Lake City (mother-in-law Dru Wilson is our Office Manager)
  • Dr. Brandon Lokey, Emergency Room (brother Brooks Lokey is on staff here at Ethos)
  • Dr. Justin Morgan, Otolaryngologist
  • Dr. James Parnell, Emergency Room (brother Sam Parnell is our Executive Pastor)
  • Dr. Steve Santi, Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. Claci Walls, Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Craig Wright, MD, Family Medicine


  • Dr. Kristen Allen, DNP, FNP-BC
  • T.J. Cantrell, NP @ Southern Hills Medical Center
  • Kim Ezell, NP
  • Ashley Heinly, NP
  • Katie Luck, NP @ Vanderbilt Children's, Oncology
  • Chara Regg, NP
  • Tim Scholl, NP @ Williamson Medical ER (daughter Katie Scholl is a part of Ethos)


  • Ashley Allen, PA
  • Laura Bullington, PA-C @ Skyline
  • Larry Lodge, MA
  • Kelsey Schroskey, PA
  • Kimberly Thornton, PA
  • Geoff Wright, PA in Blowing Rock, NC (wife Audrey was on staff with Ethos Kids)


  • Mary Adzhigirey, RN
  • Jennifer Allen, RN
  • Becca Anderson, RN @ St. Thomas
  • Kailee Balzer, RN
  • Abbie Banko, RN
  • Julie Benavides, RN
  • Julie Benedetto, RN
  • Kayla Bess, RN in NICU
  • Shelby Blankenship, Neuro ICU Physical Therapist @ Skyline
  • Racheal Boone, RN
  • Kelsey Buhlig, RN
  • Tricia Bulger, RN
  • Bethany Dupay, Pediatric ER RN
  • Allison Hargis, RN
  • Rachel Hewlett, RN
  • Kayla Houser, Pediatric RN
  • Dabney Hummel, Pediatric ICU RN in Salt Lake City (mom Dru Wilson is our Office Manager)
  • Kaylee Jones, RN
  • Tiffani Jones, RN
  • Madison Kane, RN @ Vanderbilt Children's
  • Kayla Kibler, ICU RN
  • Carolina Karabatkovic, RN
  • Christina Korzhuk, RN @ Skyline
  • Jessica Lieske, RN @ Vanderbilt ER
  • Carra Linde, RN
  • Drew Longinotti, RN @ Skyline
  • Ashton Martin, RN at St. Thomas Midtown
  • Rachel McKey, RN at Vanderbilt Medical ICU
  • Katie Meek, RN at St. Thomas Labor & Delivery
  • Wayne Newman, Emergency Room RN
  • Jensen Nicolaisen, RN
  • Savannah Osborn, RN
  • Elizabeth Parnell, RN (brother-in-law Sam Parnell is our Executive Pastor)
  • Whitney Peterson, RN (currently serving in Cremona, Italy in the midst of the outbreak)
  • Abigail Phillips, Pediatric ER RN
  • Andy Risner, RN
  • Brooke Rogers, RN
  • Lindsey Smith, RN at Vanderbilt Medical ICU
  • Anna Spooner, RN @ Vanderbilt
  • Kelly Strimaitis, RN (sister of Kristina Parnell)
  • Kate Turlington, RN, Medical ICU
  • Ellie Voss, RN
  • Drew Walls, RN
  • Jaimie Walsh, RN
  • Laura Williams, RN


  • Noelle Austin, Physical Therapist
  • Dr. Demmie Durham, Physical Therapist
  • Josh Hartless, Physical Therapist
  • Megan Lively, Physical Therapist in Children's Hospital
  • Hannah Matthews, Physical Therapist @ Vanderbilt
  • Dr./Pharm D McKinley Mitchell, Psychiatric Specialist Pharmacist @ Skyline
  • Amanda Moore, Centennial Speech Pathology
  • Laura Seigenthaler, Dietician
  • Sheridan Seitz, Occupational Therapist in a hospital
  • Shelby Walker, Geriatric Occupational Therapist
  • Jill White, Trauma ICU Occupational Therapist @ Skyline
  • Shawn White, Cardiac Monitoring Technician @ Centennial


  • Hannah Pinson, Lipscomb Nursing Student


  • Clayton Cox, Metro Police
  • Josh Goepper, Metro Police
  • Warren Lipscomb, AEMT, Fire Fighter

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