October Discipline: Prayer 10/20/2009

Posted by Dave Clayton on

I believe Prayer is one of the most intimate ways you can connect with God. Prayer is a major struggle for some people because they often feel their prayers are unheard, ignored and unanswered. The most amazing thing about God is that He hears EVERY single prayer and thought that goes on inside our minds. He takes those concerns, needs and wants and creates a beautiful masterpiece out of your life that will ultimately satisfy your hearts deepest desires in His timing. Not ours. Your prayers are never unanswered, they are always answered. Just in an unimaginable and beautiful way. This is why it is important to pray continuously and never stop.

God cares about us so much that He wants to know every little thing that we desire. Lean on God and talk to Him all day long. He is there for you and is always there to listen. So I challenge you this week to simply speak to Him, ask Him for help, send Him the praise He deserves and ask for His grace and forgiveness. Gods unending love will be there to guide you throughout all of your days. When you wake, talk to Him. When your working, talk to Him. When your driving, talk to Him. When your watching TV, turn it off, and talk to Him. He is there to listen to you, whenever you are ready to talk. If you learn to live a disciplined Prayer life your life will change in ways that you could have never imagined. God will become the center of your life and not just a part of your life. My prayer for you this week is that God may work in your heart and you will be transformed by His love and His ever-listening ear. Amen.

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