New Life, Reflections, and Celebration

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Sunday Night was an incredible night at Ethos Church. Brandon finished up our Fuzz Mustache series by wrapping up 1 Thessalonians for us. Worship was powerful. Todd's thoughts regarding communion were sacred and challenging. Overall the night was really incredible. 

After our time of worship, a woman from our church named Ellie, stopped me and said "tonight was just incredible ... and I can't even tell you why, it just was." I agreed. I feel pretty confident that it had everything to do with the movement of God. He is always present, but sometimes I think we do a better job of stopping to acknowledge that reality.

After our worship gathering on Sunday Night, Sarah Brummett decided to give her life to Jesus. About 30 of us made our way over to our friend's hot tub to watch Sarah give her life to Jesus in baptism.

What a great way to end the night. I'm so glad I have the privilege of being church with each of you. Take time to celebrate the way God is changing lives. I hope you have a wonderful night.

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