Nashville Needs Jesus

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The following blog was written by Leah Solowey. Leah is married to Joshua, our Hillsboro Village Campus Pastor. She loves worship, loves praying, has a desire to help women see themselves how God sees them rather than how our culture does. Her hope is that this blog encourages you to keep pressing in as you pray and fast on behalf of the 15 people on your list!

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I want you to right now remember the first time you ever encountered the presence of God. The moment it clicked in your heart that God is real, He loves you, you feel His presence, and knew your entire life was about to change.

I don’t know what that experience was like for you — but think about how much that moment meant for your life, and how much of a ginormous gift it is to know God and have your heart touched by Him. Your entire eternity changed. You are filled with Hope and a beautiful promise that carries us through this Life here on earth. What a joy that is. Being in the presence of God is something that this world will never be able to offer us.

Now, I want you to read the 15 names on your list that you got in your Awaken packet and remember that they are not just some random names but the names of people who have a childhood and a future; they are humans who have real feelings, humans who have dreams, and most importantly a soul. These names on your list are people who were made by God and for God. These are the names of human beings who need Jesus.

Church family, as we go on this journey together I want to encourage you that the time is now. Now is the chance to challenge yourself in your faith in the Lord. Denying yourself and your fleshly desires for an opportunity to press into prayer for others like you never have before. Allow God to break your heart for others maybe for the first time ever. God hears your prayers. God wants to change hearts. Nashville needs Jesus. There are souls on the other side of our prayers and God wants them.

Let’s be bold in our prayers. Let’s not be selfish with the Hope that we get to carry in our hearts everyday as followers of Christ. Let’s remember that prayer works. Remember you are not doing this alone. We believe in you. God is close to you and is so proud of you. Love you family. Be encouraged today to keep moving forward in your sacrifices you are making to encounter God in this season.


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