Moses, Me and Jesus

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Courtney and I have been getting up early in the mornings to read the bible and pray together, to set our hearts on the things that matter for the day.  Today we finished reading about Moses.  It’s kind of a sad story, but for some reason, this morning it really hit me.  We got through reading the end of Deuteronomy and I just started crying. I’m pretty sure this was a first for me.  Not crying, I cry all of the time, but crying because of scripture.  I’m not exactly sure why it hit me the way that it did.  Maybe it was the thought of death and the way I always tend to become more emotional, more sentimental anytime I think of someone passing away.  I’m pretty sure though that the reason it affected me was because I realized just how much Moses loved the people of GOD.  I realized that they were his church.  They were the people that he walked and lived and played with.  They were the people he raised his children with and went on vacation with.  They were his family.  And what we know about family is that there is no one we love more than them.  But, on the other side of that coin is the reality that no one makes us more frustrated than family.  Am I right?  And this seemed to be true for Moses.  There is this story is Exodus 32 where Moses goes up on Mount Sinai to meet with GOD and to receive His commands.  He’s was there for forty days and the people decided to make idols for themselves (I’m not really sure why they did this.  I think they wanted to have a tangible, physical expression to go in front of them as they traveled and since Moses was gone, so they thought, they formed something for themselves.)  GOD saw what the people were doing and it infuriated him so much that he made up his mind to destroy them.  Yet Moses interceded for his people and their sin.  He begged GOD to withhold his anger and wrath and for some reason, GOD did.  Moses went down the mountain and when he saw the people worshipping their man-made idols, his own anger burned against them.  He was so disappointed that his people would forget all that GOD had done and would so quickly turn against him.  Listen to his response, “You have committed a great sin.  But now I will go up to the Lord; perhaps I can make atonement for you.”  And listen to what he said to the Lord, “Oh, what a great sin these people have committed.  They have made themselves gods of gold.  But now, please forgive their sin-but if not, then blot me out of the book you have written.”  Did you hear that?  Moses begged GOD to forgive them and if he wouldn’t, he asked GOD to punish him instead.  Do you see the depths of the love and commitment Moses had for the people of GOD?  You don’t get upset with someone or love someone like that unless they are family.

And then I started thinking about all of the years that he had so faithfully led the people in the desert.  He was the one that cried out to GOD for food and for water for the people.  He was the one that settled their disputes and went to GOD on their behalf for wisdom, discernment and his favor.  He put up with a bunch of whining, a bunch of forgetful, a bunch of cowards for his entire life.  He was so unbelievably committed to them, but at the same time, there was no one he walked more closely with than GOD.  When GOD said move, Moses moved.  When GOD said speak, Moses spoke.  His life truly was one that delighted GOD, because he constantly and continuously obeyed him.

And then there was this one time that Moses didn’t obey the words from the Lord’s mouth.  The people were being their usual selves, whiners, and Moses begged GOD to give the people water, for they were in the desert and they were thirsty.  GOD gave Moses and Aaron his staff and told them to speak to a rock and water would flow from it. Moses struck the rock though, instead of speaking to it and because they did not honor GOD in the sight of the people, GOD told them they would not lead them into the promised land of Canaan.

It might seem unfair to us that GOD wouldn’t allow Moses to enter the land after all he had done for the people.  I don’t really want to engage that discussion right now, but I will say this, GOD was and is always just and he had always been faithful and good and GOD didn’t owe Moses anything.  Moses should have listened to and obeyed GOD fully because he of all people knew GOD and knew his Holiness.

Anyways, I write all of this because I believe Moses truly loved the people of GOD and he followed GOD and led the people faithfully for a long time, but he was disobedient and was not able to lead the people to where GOD wanted them to be.

And I think this is what hit me this morning, that Moses was in a way pointing us to, foreshadowing and creating in us a longing for Jesus.  Jesus, like Moses, loved the people of GOD.  Jesus, like Moses, interceded for and led the people of GOD.  And Jesus, like Moses took ownership of the people of GOD.  There are so many ways in which Moses was like Jesus and yet if Moses is all we have, then we’re left stuck in the desert, disappointed that he wasn’t able to deliver us to where GOD wanted us to be.

And yet Jesus showed up and did all of the things that Moses didn’t.  He fully obeyed every word from the mouth of GOD from the time he set foot on earth, to the time he departed.  He comforted and loved and led his people and through his blood, his perfect, sinless, life-giving blood, he was able to deliver the people to where GOD wanted them to be.  Moses was a wonderful leader, but only Jesus was faithful in delivering us.

Today, I’m grateful for Moses and his part in moving the people of GOD, and I’m grateful for a savior that didn’t leave us stranded away from home, away from GOD.

I want to love the people of GOD like Moses and like Jesus did.

I want to be obedient to GOD in everything, just like Jesus did.

I want to let the Great Deliverer lead me and bring me to where GOD wants me.



(See Exodus 32 and Numbers 20)

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