Mixing Things Up on July 4th

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Hey guys, here is your reminder that we are mixing things up a bit this Sunday, July 4th. We WILL NOT be gathering at the Cannery for Worship this Sunday, July 4th but that does not mean we aren't  having church.

To find out why we are not gathering at the Cannery this week click here.

To find out what we are doing instead and how you and your friends can be the church together click here.

If you would like the recipe for our communion bread to make and take in your homes click here.

Although this week will be different than normal, I pray it is a blessing to you and those that are gathering in your home. Pray for all of the believers that will be gathering all over the city, and then enjoy connecting with your friends and family as you eat good barbecue and watch fireworks later that night. Love you guys and we will see on July 11th at 5 PM and 7 PM.

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