Missional Challenge #1

Posted by Dave Clayton on

I've been thinking a lot recently about just how difficult it is to live a life that is missional. For those of you reading that don't read a lot of books about church (trust me you shouldn't feel guilty if that is the case),

the term missional simply refers to a way of life that revolves around sharing the love of Jesus with people that don't know him. I could give you a more formal definition, but hopefully you get the point.

So for the next several days, weeks, months or years...who knows how long this will last, I will provide a simple challenge or two for you and I to embark on together. Hopefully we can encourage one another to live lives that revolve around the mission Jesus has given us. I will keep the first challenge simple. 

I think one of our biggest challenges when it comes to sharing Christ with those that don't know him starts with the fact that most of us probably aren't friends with enough people that don't know Jesus. Unfortunately usually the longer a person has been a Christian, the fewer friends they have that aren't.

This is rarely an intentional decision. In fact, this tends to happen quite easily. You come to know Jesus. You find a community of people that love him. Together you and your church experience the joy of life together, and before you know it--all of your closest friends look like, act like, talk like, and believe the same things as you.

Sure, you know people that are different from you...but are they really your friends?  

So today we are going to start simple. Where ever you are, just take a few minutes to think about one person you know that does not love and follow Jesus. 

I want you to picture them right now. Their face, the sound of their voice, etc. 

From now on, when I talk about Mission on this page...when I talk about sharing Jesus with people that don't Him, I want you to think of this person. That's it. That is the challenge for today. If you want, I would encourage you to spend some time praying for this person. Really praying. Pray that God will capture their hearts the way He has captured yours. After all, nobody loves that person more than God. 

If for some reason you can't think of a single person in your life that is not a Christian, then repent and simply start looking for ways to be with people that are different from you. Don't beat yourself up, just change. Love you guys.

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