Missio Seattle Church Launch: Prayers Needed!

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This post is from Jared and Laura King, our church planters in Seattle, Washington.  They are getting ready to launch Mission Church there at the end of this month, and need our help covering it in prayer.  Read on to see how you can be a part of what God is doing in Seattle:

Nearly three years ago we set out from Ethos with a calling and a dream. The calling was to faithfully pursue the people of Seattle for the Kingdom of God. The dream was to pursue people through the planting of a new church that would in turn plant other new churches, creating new spaces for people to experience the life changing presence of Jesus. And while the journey has looked different than we anticipated, we are beyond excited and humbled that Missio Church will be celebrating our public launch, as a new church in North Seattle, on April 29th. Many of you may not know who we are or remember that we were once very involved members of Ethos. And that’s ok. Because whether you remember or not, Missio Church is a direct result of your faithfulness to pursue mission in the world as a church family.

The name Missio means “sent out” in Latin. When we were deciding what we would call the church that was building in our hearts we had no idea the implications or the intentionality God had in putting “Missio” in our hearts and minds. It has become so much more than a name. It has become who we are. We are the “sent out.” Sent out from where? Ethos for one. But sent out from our homes, our relationships, the walls we create as churches. We are sent out, into the spaces of greatest resistance, into the stories of deepest longing, and into a city with an insatiable desire to be good but which lacks the sole compass for defining the good they pursue, Jesus. This is why Missio exists. To carve out spaces in our city for people’s story to intersect with the power and love of Jesus.

Ethos family, as we approach April 29th, the Launch of Missio Church, there is one giant request we have of you. Will you pray with us?

In the month of April we will be spending 360 hours praying for Missio Church and the people of Seattle. You are invited as individuals, House Churches, Campuses, and the entire church body of Ethos, to join us in our 360 Prayer initiative in April.

We are asking you to do 3 things.

  1. Commit to praying for a number of hours in April for Missio Church in Seattle.
  2. Sign up here with the number of hours you will pray
  3. Pray!

The power of God’s people mobilized in prayer will shake the foundations of the earth. Join us in shaking the earth on behalf of God’s people in Seattle.

We love you Ethos family.

-Jared and Laura King


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