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If you have been a part of Ethos Church for any amount of time, you have probably discovered that there is much more to our church than simply gathering for worship on Sundays. Although our time together on Sundays is extremely important, our time together in homes throughout the week is equally valuable to who we are. On virtually every night of the week, you can find men, women, and children gathered in homes all across our city — worshipping God, studying the Bible, eating meals, and serving our city. Over the next several days, I’d want to take just  a couple of minutes to tell you about some of the incredible ways God is using our house churches to Awaken the Movement Jesus began years ago.

One of our House Churches has become friends with Ken, a single man, who is living in a motel off of Murfreesboro Road. Ken is an incredible man, who has had a hard life. He has no living relatives or friends nearby. He has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, can no longer speak, and is living with the help of Hospice. Although Ken's situation is sad on so many levels, he has brought great joy to one of our house churches as they spend time with him each week -- reading stories, playing cards, watching movies, and sharing meals. Ken feels blessed to have the love and support of this house church, but this house church would argue they feel blessed to have Ken. It is incredible to watch as God encourages his child Ken, and blesses us in the process as well.

This is just one small example of  how GOD is using our House Churches to forcefully advance his Kingdom in Nashville. I don’t share this to brag on us or to boast about how great our people are, I tell this story to show what GOD is doing. I pray that GOD will give us opportunities to serve and that we’ll be passionate about using our lives and gifts to make His name great. I pray that when he opens doors, we’ll walk through them as we seek to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement.

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