May 29: Service Sunday Volunteer Needs

Posted by Caity Shinnick on

On Sunday, May 29th, we will be mixing up our Worship Gathering schedule for one week only. We will only have one official worship gathering that day (5PM) and something really special going on throughout the day.

We have a unique opportunity to bless our friends, the owners of the Cannery Ballroom and Mercy Lounge — the space we gather in for worship each Sunday. Every Monday – Saturday, thousands of people walk through the doors of the Cannery to listen to live music, attend events, or simply meet up with friends. Due to the busy schedule, it becomes difficult at times to take care of projects in and around the Cannery — that is where we come in.

Choose one time slot to come and serve, and then choose a specific team. Email Caity ( ) to be added to a team.

8AM – 10AM | First Time Slot
+ Backstage & Green Room Repairs - this job is for you if you are handy!
+ Pressure Washing the Decks & Porches
+ Cleaning & Repairing the Bathrooms in the Cannery Ballroom
+ Cleaning the Metal Walls in the Cannery Ballroom & Mercy Lounge

10AM – 12PM | Second Time Slot
+ Cleaning Up The Alley Behind the Cannery Ballroom

12AM – 2PM | Third Time Slot
+ Cleaning Up Backstage in the Cannery Ballroom - this involves heavy lifting

2PM – 4PM | Fourth Time Slot
+ Cleaning Up the Parking Lot

For details and more information about the worship service, click here.

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