Marathon Retreat 2020

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: A weekend of connecting with one another, developing deeper relationships, and exploring what it looks like for us, as a church family to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement. 

WHY: Jesus, whom we follow and take our cues from would often "retreat" to a quiet place. He would get away from all the noise so that he could connect deeply with His Father. Sometimes Jesus would do this alone, and other times He would get away with some of his closest followers and friends. We want the rhythm of our lives and the life of our church to emulate Jesus' in every way.

WHO: People of all ages who consider Ethos {Marathon} their church home!

WHEN: March 27 - 29, 2020 (roughly 7PM Friday through 11AM Sunday)

WHERE: Hillmont Christian Camp

COST: The cost of the retreat is $45/person. The max family cost is $150 (family sizes of 4+). Children under age 2 are free. This helps cover the cost of all meals, lodging, and supplies for the retreat. We do not want the cost to keep you from coming! We have generous people in our church family that would love to help cover your cost.  There is an opportunity to help with childcare to reduce the cost of your weekend located on the form. If the cost is a barrier please email

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HOW: Sign-Up Here (Deadline to sign up is Sunday, March 15th)

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  • Bedding (sleeping bag or twin sheets/blankets)
  • Toiletries
  • Bible
  • Journal
  • Shoes for outdoors
  • Comfortable/active clothes
  • Games/sports equipment of all kind

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