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Marathon Family,

When the Fast Forward season concluded this year, we realized that we didn’t want this to be something we only do once a year for 30 days. We wanted to, in some way, keep living into the rhythms of prayer & fasting we had established over the 30-day span.

We began asking, as leaders, what our next step was communally in regards to prayer & fasting — specifically for the lost in our city and those far from God in our own lives.

What we decided to do was pick the first day of every month to pray & fast as a community. How you decide to fast is up to you, but together, in community, we will be praying & fasting on the first day of the month. If you didn’t join us in this past season, if fasting is a new practice for you, or if you simply need a refresher — there are some amazing resources available here.

I want to share this Facebook post from Brandon Steele. It answers the question WHY but also conveys the heart behind us doing this together as a community of believers:

“Fasting is hard. And so is praying. They require self-denial, discipline, dependence on GOD, and intentionality. However, when we step into these —  especially as a community for the sake of others — it’s worth it. Their salvation is worth it.

If us denying ourselves food or drink or other luxuries that we enjoy and really praying to our Father for the lost is something that GOD works in to draw them close to him, why wouldn’t we want more of that? What would keep us from doing this more regularly?”

So, on the first of each month, we will put out a Prayer Guide —  to align our hearts as a community and give us something tangible to lean into as we pray & fast together.

Will you join us in praying & fasting for those that are far from God on the first Wednesday of every month? Sign-Up here to commit and receive reminders.

I’m thankful to be on this journey of following Jesus with each of you and excited for all that God has in store for our us and our city.


Grace & Peace,

Andrew Smith


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