Making the Most of Sunday (May 25)

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I hope you are having a great week. I wanted to take just a moment to explain why our church family will not be gathering at the Cannery or Marathon this Sunday, May 25th, and how you can make the most of this time with your house churches, friends, and family. 


Each year, our church intentionally takes several Sundays to meet in homes instead of all gathering together in one of our worship venues.

# 1 : Priesthood of All Believers

First, we believe the scriptures clearly teach that the church is the people (not a building or a place), and that each of those people carries the divine responsibility of reflecting the goodness of God into the world around them. This is an easy thing to speak about, but an even easier thing to forget in practice. If we aren’t intentional, church becomes a place we go rather than a way of being. 

This idea has been at the heart of our study through Colossians over the last several weeks, and this Sunday our hope is to put what we have studied into practice. 

The Bible is clear that each person’s spiritual formation is shaped first in the home, not in the “temple courts.” We have found that choosing to periodically break from our church wide worship gatherings forces us all to get back to our roots. It reminds us that it is all of our responsibilities to open God’s word, create spaces of worship, and invite people into these places with us. 

# 2 : Your Primary Mission Field

Second, we believe that your home and your neighborhood serve as your primary place of missional calling. We have found that many of our neighbors are wiling to come over to our house for a brunch and a time of prayer long before they are willing to come with us to a “church service.” I pray this Sunday will be a great first step towards God for many of the people that live near us. 


So how do you make the most of this Sunday? 

# 1 : Prepare

It is amazing what just a little bit of preparation will do. Our team has put together some great resources to get you started. I would encourage you to look through the resources. You can find them here. Remember, the resources are designed to help you. Don’t feel as though you are confined to them. 

# 2 : Invite

Be bold. Invite your friends and family over. Don’t wait until the day of, make the call or send the text today. If your house church is meeting, invite your friends and family to join your house church. Nothing happens if you don’t invite. 

# 3 : Pray

Pray that God would do more than you could hope for. Trust me, no one wants your friends and family to encounter the love Jesus more than Jesus does. Trust Him. 

# 4 : Have Fun

Just relax. God has a way of doing the most amazing things when we are willing to relax and have a little fun. 


So in conclusion, our church isn't taking a break from "doing church this week." We are simply being the church a bit differently. I pray this Sunday will be fun, challenging  and refreshing. I can't wait to hear what God does among us. 

Enjoy Jesus, your friends, and your Memorial Day. I can't wait to hear about all God does among us as we scatter into the city. See you at our normal times & locations on June 1st as we continue our study in Colossians


Dave Clayton
vision & teaching @ ethos church


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