Lean Into God

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As you keep walking into this journey of prayer and fasting, you may discover that it's harder than you thought.

Harder to wake up early to read and pray. Harder to stick to the fast you committed to. Harder to turn off the tv and get on an online prayer call at night.

In that moment, instead of turning to defeat and letting it have its way...lean into God. Look to him, and acknowledge the challenges you face. Tell him honestly. And then ask him to strengthen you, to give you a hunger for his Word and his presence, to sustain you when you want to give in. He has so much grace for you — if you have fallen off track, don't let the enemy get in there and tell you how badly you have failed. Go to the Lord with it. Let him speak his loving kindness over you. Keep seeking him, keep praying, keep fasting.

He's faithful. He's present. He's kind. He's strong. Lean into him, let him lead you, let him carry you.

We are praying for you, Ethos Church family!

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