Kids Day in the Park in Review

Posted by Brooks Lokey on


First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to Kids Day to serve.  It is a huge blessing to be a part of a church family who is always so willing to serve.  We thank you all for your hearts to serve and love getting to see the love of Jesus spread to those around us.  

Through this event, about 600-700 backpacks filled with supplies were given away.  We got information from over 60 families to follow up with to see if there are any needs that our church can help fill.  We got to play with kids and give them a day to just be a kid and have fun.  We were able to get connected to another neighborhood this year at Watkins Park near Marathon Village.  

We have loved watching as this event has grown over the last few years from just a few teachers in our church family that had the idea to give some school supplies to a few kids at the school where they teach to now seeing it spread across two different neighborhoods and around 700 people.  This is a beautiful example of what happens when God ignites something in the hearts of just a few of his people and how it can spread into something much bigger.  

We thank all of you who gave money towards buying the backpacks and school supplies, those of you who came in on a Thursday evening and stuffed the backpacks, and for those of you who came on Saturday and helped run the event.  Thank you for responding to what God is doing in your heart. We look forward to seeing how this event might grow in the future and seeing which neighborhoods God puts us in.



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