June 1: Marriages & Carriages

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On June 1, Ethos Church will celebrate those in our body who are getting married or expecting a child in the coming months. Marriages & Carriages will be a bi-annual celebration, with the first installment on June 1. Come ready to eat some BBQ!

Marriages & Carriages will honor 15 couples. We encourage you to support them by writing prayer blessings for them and/or bringing them gift cards. Here are the details:

When: June 1, 6:30-8pm

Where: 4800 Lealand Ln, Nashville, TN 37220

A list of the couples being honored...

Engaged couples:

Davide Fergnani and Amy Sauls
Drew Garland and Alison Amburgey
Josh Moseley and April Easley
Drew Lewis and Louisa Kinzer
Burton Saunders and Lauren Robarts
Ben Wood and Sarah Clayton
Stacy Elliott and Emma Boyd
Jonathan Woods and Dannie Russo
Seth Smith and Christine Perry
Casey Shelf and Sarah McInturff
Kris Laansma and Erica Osborn

Expecting Couples:

Lee and Amie Cooke
Ryan and Chelsea Boyd
Andrew and Mallory Grady
Justin and Lacy Wright


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